Google Panda Recovery

With an aim to reduce the rank of "low-quality sites" or "thin sites", Google has announced a Panda update. This update affected a lot of high traffic websites all over the Internet, as they were using the black-hat SEO techniques such as Cloaking, Keyword Stuffing and Deliberate creation of duplicate content in order to raise their rank.

Exploring artificial intelligence in a more sophisticated and scalable way, the Google’s new Panda machine-learning algorithm is capable of finding the websites having 3 general characters:

  • Low quality or thin content.
  • Overall low quality site with Poor grammar
  • Useless pages indexed in Google, for the purpose of advertisements

Google Panda gets updated from time to time and the algorithm is run by Google on a regular basis, therefore it is very necessary to remain updated with the recent guidelines.

Why to refer webmasters

Low value content can cause the algorithm to slap down your entire site even if a great deal of your content is unique and valuable. Therefore, we at Webmaster Technologies, strive to help businesses with ethical and authentic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) solutions regulated by Google current guidelines. Elements like trust and authority matter in the new Panda update, therefore our technicians will help you acquire Google trust quality sites, as the quality of a post or content is taken as a prime factor for ranking.

  • We will deliberately separate out your low quality contents
  • We will block the indexing and crawling of the poor contents
  • We will focus and provide you the unique contents
  • We will appropriately optimize your incoming link
  • We will accurately check all incoming links
  • We will provide you the service based on clout and authority
  • We will keep your advertising ratio healthy
  • We will Efficiently recognize and track Panda Updates

You can overview the Google Panda/Penguin guidelines

  • A unique content without duplication
  • Need to follow Design, technical and quality principles
  • Nullify cloaking
  • Avert the hiding of text
  • Adopt the White hat techniques
  • no use of high keyword stuffing
  • No hide text practices
  • implementation of deep website analysis

Do you have duplicate content issues in your website?

    • We will remove data from search engine snippets
    • We will Take out all Broken links
    • We will eliminate unnecessary pages from search
    • We will provide Keyword optimization for all old posts
    • We will offer Social media promotion after Keyword optimization
    • We will Eliminate all duplicate content