Google Guidelines

SEO services need to be ethical, quality and Google guidelines based, in order to increase the site’s rank. Google has currently introduced Panda and Penguin guidelines in order to prevent the web spamming rates and disqualify the spam website that uses black hat SEO services & tools to achieve excellent ranking. Webmaster Technologies offers reliable and quality SEO services according to the guidelines of Penguin and Panda updates. Some of the up-to-date guidelines that our experts follow along with the services are listed below.

Google Penguin Update -Overview:

Unique and original content:-
Google accept only original and unique content for submission. So, our experts write only fresh and informative content. Our specialized and skilled writers keep themselves updated with all the updated guidelines. Moreover, they do proper research in order to provide informative and effective content that the audience is searching for.  We do not provide plagiarized or replicated content.
Avoid hiding of text:
Our experts avoid various unaccepted activities that search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN detects easily and quickly.  Hiding of text behind the images, same text and background color, setting of zero font size are the few examples of these activities.
Avoid Cloaking:
Clocking is a process or SEO technique in which search engines show different versions of WebPages than what visitors explore.  We never practice cloaking.

Use only whitehat techniques:
Our team of SEO experts use only effective whitehat techniques such as social bookmarking, blog commenting, guest posting and much more that will never fail in building links.

Avoid key stuffing:

We use ideal keyword density that is 2 % to 3%. One can simply calculate the keyword density in their content by using the mathematical formula (Keyword density= (Number of Keywords*100)/ (Total number of words).

Google Panda update-Overview:-

There are various Google Panda Updates that our expert and experienced team of professionals strictly follow in order to provide excellent outcome and also helps you in improving the ranking of your website, Google find and index.

Technical Guidelines:

  1. Use "Lynx" the text browser to examine your website, since, all the search engines see your webpage as Lynx would.  If fancy features such as DHTML, frames, cookies, JavaScript or Flash show your site in a text browser, then search engines spiders may trouble crawling in your website.
  2. Allow search engine bots techniques that can be effective and useful in tracking user behavior. These techniques may results in incomplete indexing of your site, because bots may not be able to remove URLs that look different but actually highlight the similar page.
  3. Assures that your Web browser support If-Modified-Since HTTP header.  These features save your overhead and bandwidth.
  4. You should use the robots.txt file on your web server.  These files provide information to the crawlers which directory can or cannot be crawled.
  5. Ensure that your website appears accurately in different web browsers.
  6. Make the best possible effort to ensure that advertisements on your site may not affects its ranking.

Content and Designing:

  1. Write useful, effective and informative that clearly and accurately represents your services and products.
  2. Design a site which is clear text and hierarchy links. 2. It should be approachable from at least one static text link.
  3. The content should be written in a simple and understandable manner so that anyone can grab your objective easily and quickly.
  4. Examine for broken links and correct HTML.
  5. Include user-friendly words in your content to get more traffic on your website.
  6. Review the image guideline for the best publishing image.

Quality Guidelines:

  1. Avoid hidden links and text.
  2. Make pages for the visitors rather than search engines.
  3. Do not use blackhat techniques and link schemes to improve your site ranking.
  4. Avoid links to “bad neighborhoods" on the web and spammers as it affects your ranking.
  5. Use authorized computer programs for submitting the pages, checking the ranking and much more…………….

Apart from that, there are also various relevant strategies and specific guidelines for quality including:-

  1. Avoid   sneaky redirects and cloaking.
  2. Use effective and user-friendly keywords.
  3. Avoid keyword density.
  4. Use only original and unique content.
  5. Do not create pages with malicious behavior like Trojans, installing viruses, pishing and many more.

These are some effective and relevant strategies that are adopted by our organization.  We are dedicated to fulfill all your needs and requirements in the best way possible. Your ROI is our concern.